Bastogne and Foy, Belgium 28-29 June
Students in Bastogne with McAulliffe Bust
Students and statue of General McAuliffe, the commander of the 101st Airborne Division during the Battle for Bastogne in the German’s last ditch Ardennes Offensive of December 1944 and January 1945. The general is most remembered for his inspiration to the US defenders of Bastogne and for his simple statement in response to a German demand for the surrender of the town and his troops—“Nuts!”
Students and Sherman Tank in Bastogne Town Square

Students and Sherman Tank in Bastogne Town Square

Belgium Memorial at Mardasson near Bastogne to Americans

In nearby Bastogne, Belgium, students studied the Memorial at Mardasson given by the people of Belgium to the United States in honor of the sacrifices of the US soldiers during the Ardennes Offensive.

West Michigan Connections--Students and Prof!

Photo shows two students and the Prof--all with West Michigan Connections! Note the WM sign of the students. One is from Grand Haven and the other is from Muskegon. Their prof is a Grand Havenite by marriage but his roots are in West Michigan as well!

Student from North Dakota at the Bastogne Memorial

Several students in the program are from outside Michigan. All the states are represented on the 5 pointed American Star that is the shape of the Mardasson Memorial outside Bastogne. This student points to her state of North Dakota.

Group Photo in Bastogne

Also taken on top of the star memorial near Bastogne, this group photo is in the direction of the Bastogne perimeter defended. in part, by Easy Compay of the Band of Brothers in the direction of Foy, Belgium.


Group Photo of Students at Easy Company Memorial near Foy

The students had studied the HBO series “Band of Brothers” during their on-campus phase of the program and here is the memorial to Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division—The Screaming Eagles. This is a recent memorial near the small Belgian town of Foy. During the defense of Bastogne and the liberation of Foy, East Company lost many soldiers. Those killed are named on the memorial. They also lost many wounded due to intense German artillery fire that exploded above them in the trees. In the background is the Bois Jacques from which they launched the attack on the retaking of Foy. "

Dedication statement on the Foy Memorial

Text on the E Company Memorial near Foy, Belgium

Plaque on the side of the Foy Memorial to E Company

The front of the memorial also lists all those of E Company 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division who died in the Battle of the Bulge. On the side of the memorial is the plaque above that lists those who donate time or money to create this memorial.

Woods near Foy

Not far from the memorial in the direction of Foy, we stopped the coach and in a likely spot in the woods the students wanted to find "Foxholes!" of E. Company.


Students in US foxholes near Foy

Eureka! It didn't take long and only a few meters into the woods overlooking Foy, students found these and many other foxholes!

 Students in a Foxhole

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  1. Nice website. Hope you all had a great trip and learnt a big deal about Europe and WW2.
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