British Library 16 June
Students at the British Library

As you can see, a deluge of rain hit the morning of our research at the British Library! Students maintained a good attitude in spite of getting soaked enroute. They registered as researchers and demonstrated to the British Library staff they were well prepared for their research that day. The library staff complimented the students on their preparation and professional attitude toward their work that day--praise not often given to undergraduate students! Well done!

Here are the WWII topics of the students’ research for AL 400, an upper level research course within our study abroad curriculum.  This course is for students who have already completed their two Integrated Arts and Humanities courses on campus.  All of the topics have some connections to the places where we will study after we leave London.  Their papers will be due when the program ends in Berlin on 7 July 2011.

  1. Operation Fortitude–Allied Deception Efforts to Confuse the Nazis about the Location of the Invasion of Western Europe
  2. The Evacuations at Dunkirk
  3. Medical Experiments Conducted on Prisoners by Nazi SS Doctors at Buchenwald
  4. Ilse Koch and Crimes Against Humanity She Committed at Buchenwald Concentration Camp
  5. The Roles Played by British Chaplains in WWII Europe
  6. Comparisons Between the Engineering and Design of Allied and German Tanks
  7. Nazi Management Structures of German War Production under Albert Speer
  8. Normandy Military Operations and the Death of a Michigan Soldier in July 1944
  9. Bureaucracy and Organization of Nazi Finances in the Looting of Europe
  10. The Wartime Experiences of a Michigan Soldier in the 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne
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