Imperial War Museum 15 June 2011

The students spent a full day on Wednesday of their week in London at the Imperial War Museum. The items they noted in particular were the huge British naval guns [15 inch] mounted in front of the main entrance to the museum and surrounded by a rose garden.

Imperial War Museum

Front entrance of the Imperial War Museum

The acclaimed William Wyler film, Mrs. Miniver, the students viewed during the on campus phase of the program.  Here at the museum they were asked to photograph the most beautiful rose,” the Miniver Rose. ” Here you can see them considering a wide variety of the roses outside the museum.

Students looking for the Miniver Rose


Here’s one of those:


Miniver Rose

Rose outside the entrance to the Imperial War Museum in London

The students analyzed various exhibits at the museum as part of their daily writing assignments and journaling work for both their WWII site analysis journals and their cultural learning journals.  They were to consider in detail the following exhibits:


  1. The Blitz Experience
  2. The Holocaust Exhibit
  3. The Large Weapons Exhibit
  4. The Secret War
  5. The Children’s War and the 1940s House

Here are some representative photos from their day:


German Tank Destroyer

Students near a cut-away portion of a German Tank Destroyer called a "Jagdpanther"

British Jeep

Students examine a restored American Jeep with British Red Cross markings.

Monty Grant Tank

This is a US made "Grant" tank used by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery in the North African Campaign against German General Erwin Rommel.

The tank above was nicknamed “Monty” like the famous British General who used this exact vehicle in his campaign against the German Afrika Korps.  The Grant tank proved to have some vulnerabilities and was replaced by the main American battle tank of WWII, the Sherman.

This student stands  beside one the the fastest and most effective in combat battle tanks of WWII, the Soviet T-34.

Soviet T34 Tank

Soviet T34 Tank

V-1 Rocket from WWII

This is the German V-1 Rocket used widely by the Nazis in their attacks from the air on the British homeland. Commonly referred to as the "Buzz Bomb" or the "Doodle Bug", the explosive power in its warhead was 850 kg or about 1,900 pounds of explosives. It is the precursor to the modern cruise missile.

To see a video of the V-1 follow this link:   V-1 Footage

In the center of the large weapons exhibit that dominates the entrance hall of the Imperial War Museum is the German V-2 Rocket.

German V-2

At the center of the photo is the German V-2 Rocket like those used in the last 12 months of the war in Europe

To view a short film on the V-2 click the text to the right:  WW2 V-2 Rocket



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