Anne Fishbeck Learning Journal Entries June 2006


I learned that the British Library is amazing, and I love books.  I learned that Kit-Kats in England are a lot better than Kit-Kats in America. I also learned that sandwiches are very expensive. The British Museum was amazing, and I still cannot believe that they don’t charge admission. Today was an awesome day.


The Imperial War Museum was really cool. I learned about all the kids that were evacuated during the war.  I did not realize that so many of them were evacuated.  I really liked looking at all the war propaganda.  I also learned that school groups of young children go crazy in museums.  I also learned that I really like English pubs, and that McDonald’s is definitely better outside of the United States.


Today I learned that Harrods’ is really big and expensive, but it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  I learned that fish & chips from a pub are a million times better than anything I’ve had at home.  I also learned that it is possible to get good Italian pizza outside of Italy.


The Tower of London was really cool. I learned that they think two princes were murdered there. The White Tower was used as an armory.  It is a Norman-style tower.  I learned that a crazy drunk old man is capable of shutting-down an entire Tube stop. I learned that going to a pub after England wins a game in the world cup equals awesome England hat.


I learned that the soap goes in the top in laundry mats in England.  I learned that I love the English countryside, it is so beautiful.  I really like Dover. Smaller-town England is quainter, and definitely a lot cheaper. The White Cliffs are really white.  I learned that lemonade isn’t lemonade—it tastes like 7-UP.


I learned that French steak isn’t the same cut of meat as our steak.  The French countryside is beautiful.  I learned that you really can see France from Dover.  I definitely have decided that I over-packed, after having to deal with my suitcase again today.


I’ve decided I really like small town France, and the food is really good. I had my first chocolate éclair today, and it was yummy.  France is definitely a lot cheaper than London, which is nice.  Also, I think the food is better, at least so far.  I’ve been able to use a fair amount of my French, too, which has been cool.  I can read pretty much everything I have seen.


I learned a lot from the Bayeux Tapestry. Harold showed his oath to William.  I also learned a lot about the landing at Omaha Beach from the Omaha Beach Museum.  I learned that I really like crème Brule—I had it for the first time at Mont St. MichelMont St. Michel lit up at night is gorgeous.  I’m glad that we were able to go.


Luxembourg is a very pretty country.  The hills and castle of the Royal Duke, and the quaint towns, I thought were all cool.  I really liked Belgium, too.  Like Luxembourg, the Belgians at least in St. Vith, spoke English, French, and German.  It’s amazing how many languages they are fluent in. I learned a lot from all the memorials that we stopped at today.  I did not know about the incident at The Mill by Malmedy until today.


German countryside is also absolutely gorgeous.  The small towns that we passed looked like scenes of postcards.  I enjoyed the Rhine cruise, although I was disappointed that we only saw five castles.  Today was the first time I have had chicken the entire trip.  There have not been any chicken dishes at any of the restaurants that I have eaten at so far.  I’m surprised by the lack of chicken.


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