Lauren Lippert Film Journal Entry May 2006

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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers was an amazing series.  It’s hard to believe anyone survived the entire war and even harder to believe that these were supposed to be the soldiers speaking before each episode.  I loved the development of the characters and the emotion each actor put into his performance.  Watching these films made the war even more realistic not just because you were seeing the real violence and causalities, but you felt like you knew each soldier and could see them change throughout their time in Europe.  Seeing them encounter a concentration camp was the most jarring image, even more than the gory wounds sustained during the battles.  I’ve been recommending this series to everyone who asks me about my WWII classes.  The war is portrayed so realistically while still keeping an eye on the people behind the battles that I think this series should be shown to anyone learning about American soldiers in WWII.


from Weapons of the Spirit

…  Studying WWII and its atrocities can make one lose hope in the kindness of common man without looking at the courageous people who dared to defy what was going on around them because they felt it was wrong, regardless of government laws.  The story of Le Chambon and others like it deserve recognition, and this film shows why.

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