Tim Larsen Germany Journal Entries June 2006

Wednesday, June 21

Today we woke up, got on the bus and left for Koblenz.  I was very tired so I slept most of the way.  On our way out of Luxembourg we stopped at the American Military Cemetery where Patton is buried at and a German military cemetery.  On our way to Koblenz we stopped at a buffet lunch, I had bratwurst which was very good. At this stop we had to pay to use the bathroom and there was a turnstile on the way in and out, I thought that was funny. When we got back on the bus I learned that I could have turned my bathroom receipt for 50 cents off my meal, but I found out too late.  When we got to Koblenz, we had a couple of hours to get ready for the Rhine River cruise.  On the cruise I ordered pork knuckle, it was very good.    I would order it again.  I also had a potato ball that rolled off my plate onto the table.  After dinner, we went up top to look at the scenery and the castles along the river.  It was really cool and we had really good weather for this cruise.  The furthest we went was to the Lorelei rock, which I guess  [is an old German legend] and it’s very famous…  This was the first time I’ve heard of it.


Saturday, June 24

Today we left Weimar for Berlin.  At breakfast, [the coach driver] told us this was his last meal with us and he sounded sad, he was nice.  On the way to Berlin, we saw some really big windmills, bigger than the ones we’ve seen before I think.  We stopped for lunch at McDonald’s, it was good.  I’ve had more Big Macs in Europe than I’ve had in America; I had 3 here and I’ve only had 1 in America.  Dr. Charnley also had McDonald’s even though he said he wouldn’t, it was funny.  When we got to our hotel we got our subway tickets and went to do laundry.  I liked doing laundry in Germany a lot more than doing laundry in France because there was more than 1 dryer; however I learned that if you put all the dryers on their highest setting they over-heat and stop working. It was also cool that there was a bar and a coffee shop at the laundry mat and a TV so we could watch the soccer game.  Later that night, Mike, Dennis, Josh and I went to the casino in our hotel, it was a lot of fun.  We played Roulette.  Even though none of us knew all the rules, we knew enough to play.  I won 40 Euros, so it was a lot of fun.  Afterwards we went down to the bar and sat on the giant couch.  They made us take our shoes off but then they gave us slippers.

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