Anna Lyman Reflections on the End of the Program in Berlin July 2010


Today was spent getting caught-up on of all of our schoolwork and finishing-up finals.  The Germans were playing in the World Cup semi-finals at 8:30 so we dressed-up in Deutschland gear and headed to a beer garden to watch the game.  It was fun to experience all the people in the streets and the atmosphere at dinner.  Even though we lost I feel there we brought a little of MSU to German tonight in our ability to have fun at games and enjoy the company of others.  We were loud and were not too disappointed with the loss since we are used to MSU breaking out hearts J We got back late and I started to pack-up which was so sad.

At times I feel like this month has flown-by, but then I think about how different I am now than I was four weeks ago.  I honestly feel like I am a different person and this trip changed me for the better.

I am more educated and have learned so much about WWII.  I have never gotten so much of a class as I have with study abroad.  Not only have I gained information on WWII, I have become more learned in the ways of the world.  I have experienced the culture of five different places and have been able to not only survive but enjoy my time here.  I have also been able to figure out the public transportation in the places we have gone (with a little help from Dr. Charnley!)

This trip was made for me by the fantastic people I have been travelling with for a month.  I have met some amazing people and for some I know our friendship will endure long after this trip is done.  My roommate situation could not have worked-out better—Kelsey is someone I trust and care so much about.  We have become extremely close to Kathryn and Meredith and the constant company of these three girls has been so fun and has made the trip.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so much nor had so many sleepovers in my life! J

Dr. Charnley—I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into this trip.  I have learned so much and sincerely appreciate all you have done.  It was the trip of a lifetime!

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