Elizabeth Boudiab “My Memories of Europe” 2 July 2011

My Memories of Europe

“There have been nights where my anxieties and insecurities keep me from entering a restful sleep. It is far too easy this day in age to drift into a world of negative thinking. The only cure is forcing my mind into a different state. Sometimes, it is dreaming about the future that puts my mind at ease, and, often, it is remembering my trip to Europe and how  I have grown since the summer of 2010.

I entered the European World War II Study Abroad trip as a Pre-Med Junior majoring in Psychology. There were other study abroad trips that interested me and would have been equally impressive to my medical school applications (i.e. Medical Care in Ghana), but during the Study Abroad fair in Fall 2009, that I stumbled into with the sole intention of getting a coffee from Biggby, Kelly’s lightening personality paired with Dr. Charnley’s charming charisma had me taken.

The on-campus phase of Dr. Charnley’s course set our class up for our journey in Europe. Without spending those months reading, writing, and learning about the War, we would not have been able to fully appreciate the numerous memorials and museums that each country offered us. Many students, including myself, were so moved by Band of Brothers, that they bought the series as soon as the trip ended. The series is particularly special to Dr. Charnley’s students because Easy Company’s path taken is that of the MSU Study Abroad students’.

My adventure in Europe turned out to be a personal journey. The trip came at a time in my life when I was beginning to overcome several personal struggles. It was very difficult at times because I had been relying on people that, at the moment, were no longer in my life. I had to not only cope alone, but be happy! It’s Study Abroad, for goodness sake! Dr. Charnley had our class keep up two hand-written journals every day. I, like most other students, was certainly not used to hand-writing so frequently. However, after a while, I found it extremely therapeutic, and I even maintained a journal after Study Abroad.

In short, every day in Europe was a growing experience and a day to be remembered. My field of studies have been in Psychology and the Sciences, and I have never found History so moving and fascinating. From a practical standpoint, it is amazing how Study Abroad has enhanced my resume and application. Even though I am entering a field entirely unrelated, it opens the door to questions asked by future employees.

If I had to describe the trip in a feeling, it would be gratitude. I felt an enormous sense of gratitude for our armed forces on D-Day and in World War II. Moreover, I am grateful for the experiences and people that Study Abroad brought me and the life I have in the United States.”

Elizabeth Boudiab

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